What kind of household appliances do babies and mothers need?


Children’s household appliances help mothers do household chores, be with their child and not fall down from fatigue. It is so hard to cook with one hand, feed the baby with the other, and in between wash dishes. About which devices will help in caring for the baby and simplify the life of a woman, read in our article.

Breast pump

Designed for decantation. If you are forced to return to work, and the baby has not grown up enough, the device will allow you to continue breastfeeding. The device will also help out in the following cases:

  • when the baby cannot suck milk from the chest;
  • when feeding foster children;
  • if the mother takes medication (feeding is contraindicated, but it is necessary to express);
  • when engorgement of a full breast.
  • All domestic breast pumps are compact. They are manual and electric. The former operate at the expense of the strength of the hands, the latter operate on mains or batteries.

And to store expressed milk, special sterile bags come in handy.


Ask how your mother boiled the bottles before feeding you milk. Many still do this, but there are devices that simplify the sterilization process. This is how to cook soup in a slow cooker instead of a stove – you do not stand above the pan, but put the bottles in the container, press the button, and then the device operates independently. There are also devices for the nipple.

Some models are designed for microwave ovens. You just put the children’s dishes in the container and put them in the microwave for sterilization.


The device helps to quickly warm milk or baby food in a bottle. It is a container in which the dishes are placed. Heats up with hot water or steam. Such a device will help out at night feeding or when a young dad is forced to cook his own dinner for the baby. The device will bring the milk to the desired temperature and turn off. You only need to take out the bottle and feed it.

In addition to stationary models, there are car models that work from the cigarette lighter.

Electronic thermometers

It is important for the mother that the baby is healthy. If you see that the child is capricious, you feel the heat from him – you need to quickly determine the temperature. This will help children’s thermometers. They are safe for the baby, as they do not contain mercury and are made without the use of glass. Thanks to the flexible tip, the thermometer will not crack if the child fidgets. There are models that measure temperature in 6-10 seconds, so the procedure will not make your child cry and scream.

Among the measurement methods, many thermometers support axillary, oral and rectal.

Digital Thermometer

When the baby is healthy, bathing in the bathroom gives him joy. A toy thermometer will help you control the water temperature. Thanks to the waterproof case in the form of an animal, the device will not only be useful to mom, but will also entertain the child while swimming.

Radio and baby monitor

After you bathed the baby, fed and sang a lullaby, the time has come to rest yourself. But how do you want to control the crumbs sleep and not be afraid that you will not hear the crying from the nursery. Here you will be helped by electronic babysitting.

The kit includes two devices, one of which you have in the baby’s room, and the other near you. It doesn’t matter if you are in the kitchen or in bed. If the child wakes up and starts calling his mother, you will immediately hear him through the speaker.

Video nannies also transmit an image, so you will not only hear the baby’s breathing, but also see in what position he is sleeping and how he is spinning in a dream.

Most baby monitors support two-way audio. Therefore, you can sing your baby a lullaby without getting out of bed. And some models even have built-in tunes.

Home appliance manufacturers are releasing more and more products for moms and their babies. For example, you can purchase baby scales and create a child’s growth story from the first days. The maximum load of such devices is usually about 20 kg, and the body is made in the form of a bath.

If your child is already old enough and brushes his teeth on his own or with his mother, give him an electric brush. They are usually made in the form of an animal or cartoon character. A motor will make this boring but necessary procedure more interesting.

There are even baby hair dryers! Unlike conventional ones, they are dried by a stream of air with a lower and safer temperature. Designed for both hair and the baby’s body.

Adult kitchen appliances

A blender will help to quickly prepare baby puree. Its blades will cope with cookies and fruits. The resulting mass mixed with milk is what the baby needs.

A food processor will simplify cooking, not only for the child, but for the whole family. Peeling and slicing vegetables, whipping, kneading dough are actions that will now take much less time.

A crock-pot is a real savior for a mother who spends most of her time with a small child. After all, such a device allows you to cook soup, and side dishes, and meat / fish dishes. The family will be full, and mom will become less tired in the kitchen.

The microwave oven is indispensable for heating food. If for some reason you do not have her and you will soon become a mother, then think about purchasing. It will save time on daily heating of food and standing idle at the stove.

When the issue with cooking is resolved, my mother is tormented by the question of how to get rid of a mountain of dishes in the sink. After all, this happens twice or thrice in a day. In order for the young mother to have strength and time for the baby, a strong assistant is needed. And this is not the husband who is at work; it’s a dishwasher. Just imagine how you put the dishes in it, pressed the button and went to the nursery, leaving the appliance ungrateful business.

Give your child attention and care, and entrust work to electronic assistants. Free a few hours for your baby.


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