The most expensive cosmetics in the world


Bulgari Opera Prima fragrance

At the end of January, the most expensive perfumery purchases in the world took place. This fragrance was Opera Prima from Bulgari, sold for 200,000 euros. The bottle is a real work of high jewelry art, created in collaboration with Venini, the leading masters in working with Murano glass from Venice. The main detail is a sheet of gold, molten between layers of Murano glass. Three vials of yellow gold decorated with diamonds complete the bottle. The floral oriental composition itself is based on notes of magnolia, rose, tuberose and musk.

Face cream Caviar Spectaculaire from La Prairie

Since 1841, the Baccarat brand has been producing the same model of glass, and more recently, in a collaboration with La Prairie. One of the bestsellers of the brand – Skin Caviar Luxe Cream – is placed in a beautiful crystal caviar, without which it costs about 30 thousand rubles.

Serum Pure Perfection 100 Liquid Surgery from Medical Beauty Research

One bottle of serum “Liquid Surgeon” with a powerful anti-aging effect costs about 100 thousand rubles, so a set of three is even a profitable investment. This German brand works on the principle of “skin care on the verge of medicine”, so the concentration of active substances in all products is the highest possible.

Valmont Essence of Bees oil kit

A set of three Essence of Bees L’Elixir Des Glaciers oil bottles, released late last year. The composition includes honey, propolis and royal jelly. The oils are packaged in a lacquered wood case and one of the cases is plated with 18 carat gold.

Mask Golden Touch Facial Mask from Adore Cosmetics

Set of 12 hydrogel masks with gold. The mask brightens, rejuvenates, evens out skin tone and moisturizes. There is nothing surprising in the composition, but there is gold, because of which such a high price is formed. Magnetic creamy gold mask with particles of gold for $ 995 is much more popular with this brand.

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish Nail Polish

Jeweler Azatur Poghosyan several years ago released nail polish with diamond chips, which became the most expensive varnish in the world. The composition was included a real black diamond.

False eyelashes from krēāt beauty

In the assortment of this brand from Los Angeles, specializing in false eyelashes, you can find a couple of exclusive options – with diamonds at the base or in bulk from crushed 24-carat gold. You can’t buy these reusable false eyelashes on the brand’s website, but you can at Barneys New York.

Set Secret Oud La Belle Helene from Caron

Such a high price for a set because of a bottle created manually from blown crystal and trimmed from sheets of red 24-carat gold. The bottle itself is empty, but in the kit comes a spare bottle of travel format with a volume of 10 ml and a funnel for filling. Secret Oud is an oud surrounded by flowers and spices.

Set of 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen from Orogold

At the heart of all the products of this American brand of anti-aging cosmetics is colloidal gold. The kit includes one of the most expensive brand products – cream, serum and 24-carat gold sheets. Sheets must be applied to the entire face and neck immediately after the cream, leaving for 20 minutes.

H. Couture Beauty has released the world’s most expensive mascara as part of its Socialite Collection. This carcass is no longer on sale, but at the time when it was, only wealthy customers of the company could become the owners of the treasured tube of carcass. This tube is nothing like other tubes of mascara. It was decorated with 1000 Swarovski crystals, which were placed on each tube by hand. Many crystals were made with gold, and the tube was framed with 18 carat gold. But this is not just a tube of mascara. This price includes carcass delivery and security.

One of the clients ordered a more elegant cosmetic, consisting of 18 carat gold, 2500 blue diamonds. For this, the client paid $ 14 million, which makes what makes this mascara the most expensive in the world. Also, for this money, the customer received a little more – a tube of lipstick inlaid with 1200 pink diamonds. The kit includes spare fillers for mascara and lipstick for the whole year.


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