Mobile games that console and PC gamers will love


In autumn, the launch of the Apple Arcade mobile service will take place. With it, the company wants to maintain a culture of high-budget mobile projects, move away from free-to-play and attract a wide variety of players.

However, in the App Store and in Google Play there were always not only simple butlers and “three in a row”: there really are enough outstanding projects that I want to see on large platforms. We talk about mobile titles that may interest hardcore players.


Its main feature Dandara resembles the Bionic Commando Rearmed. However, if the protagonist did not know how to jump there, then Long Hat House went even further – the heroine of her game cannot walk. Dandara can do a lot – jump far, shoot, tightly stick to the walls and ceiling, but just not go. We move it with swipes from surface to surface – the whole level design is ground for this. Standard jumps here would not be enough in any case.

The rest is the classic metrovania – with branched locations, complex bosses and leveling. And the unusual control gives it extra depth. Closer to the middle, the game becomes incredibly difficult and you have to master it no less skillfully than in the classic Fruit Ninja, simultaneously understanding where to jump and how to deal with enemies.

The idea of ​​svaypov and “sticking” also works because the enemies here often walk on the ceiling and walls – you have to think outside the box and relearn to play platform games.

On PC and consoles, the game was well received, but without much enthusiasm. It’s understandable – its mechanics were sharpened for mobile devices: it’s much more natural to move Dandar with swipes (in this version for Switch is close to the original). The Long Hat House project was criticized for controversial management, which could not be perfectly transferred to sticks, buttons and mice.

But on mobile devices – Dandara is one of the best games, with a very unusual visual style, deep gameplay and high complexity. Not to mention its connection with culture and history. Dandara, among other things, shows how it is appropriate to reflect the cultural aspect without harming the gameplay and deepening the setting.

If you like: classic metro-diving like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Metroid Fusion.

Space marshals

Space Marshals is a top-down shooter in a space western setting. The plot is classic: the disgraced Marshal Burton is released from prison with one condition – to work again for the government. The marshal has to catch the bad guys who hijacked a prison ship, where he himself was serving time.

Space Marshals looks great and is manageable, missions are comprehensive and well set up, and dialogs are full of good humor. However, this is not a simple action – it is important to act tactically. The world of Space Marshals is extremely harsh. And if the first couple of prologue levels can be played in it like in Alien Shooter, then there will be a lot of enemies, and especially large ones will have several health bars.

Therefore, it’s worth going to tricks – quietly bypassing opponents, distracting with stones, as in Far Cry 3 and throwing grenades through the walls. Sometimes Space Mashals feel like a natural Metal Gear Solid in isometry. There are other subtleties – the game allows you to customize your equipment before each task, as in Splinter Cell.

Of course, there were some simplifications – bonuses and first-aid kits were scattered in level, as in the arcades of the 90s, there is no separate button for silent killing in stealth mode, firing with swipes is not very convenient, levels are not very branched, and enemies will not run away from all corners of the base, if you arrange a loud skirmish with several of them.

Unlike Dandara, the mechanics of Space Marshals would look great on “large” platforms. It would be worth adding voiceover of dialogs and slightly speed up the gameplay.

There is a second part, which is in many ways even better. But we recommend starting with the first – for the sake of completeness and proper acquaintance with the heroes.

If you like: well-made twin-stick shooters like Alien Breed or Helldivers, stealth actions and the atmosphere of space westerns.


Oddmar is an incredibly beautiful platformer, clearly inspired by Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. Thanks to skillful level design and simple controls, the game is perfectly controlled on the sensor. However, this does not mean that the gameplay is primitive – Oddmar is not inferior to the best platform games from consoles.

She captivates with stunning art, music and a rustic, but addictive plot. The game tells about the simple-minded Viking Oddmar. He is kind and friendly, for which he is ridiculed by other Vikings. However, it is he who suddenly gains magical power (after eating a fly agaric) and rescues his fellow tribesmen, who suddenly disappeared somewhere.

The levels are interspersed with stylish animated inserts, which, however, are slightly knocked out of the style of the game itself, but give it depth. It’s quite interesting to follow the simple story about sweet Oddmar, listening to the narrator’s pleasant voice.

It is important to understand that Oddmar is a game without revelations and super finds. She would hardly have become a big hit coming out on consoles (at least it’s difficult to compete with Ori), and she won’t be full of mechanics.

Oddmar almost only does what he runs, jumps and waves with an ax, but the simplest mechanics here are made at the highest level. Oddmar looks amazing and plays, because on mobile devices it has almost no competitors

Gradually, the game throws up multi-level locations, interaction with the environment, interesting production situations and non-standard levels. On one of them, the platforms are buried in a mountain of gold coins, while Oddmar with the help of a Viking parkour jumps on the walls and tries to get out under the Scandinavian variation of the main theme of the film “Mission Impossible”.

And beautiful decoration can be the main incentive for you to play the game – here are perfectly drawn characters, levels, backdrops and funny animations. For example, during a jump near Oddmar, a mushroom grows, throwing it higher. By the way, there is a historical explanation for this and other “mushroom” topics.


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