How to choose an electric hob?


Combining a hob with an oven has become optional; these elements may well be independent. Due to the separation of functions of devices, it is easier to rationally use the kitchen space and change the interior. Independent devices can be located in different areas of the room, if it is convenient for the hostess. Dependent sets are controlled from the front of the oven and cannot be divided.

Cooking surfaces can have various dimensions. Usually preference is given to models 60 cm wide, but there are other options: 70, 90, 120, 130 cm. As for the heating zones, there are usually 4 of them, although there are 2 or even one. On wide surfaces, up to 7 hotplates can be located.

When installing an electric hob, particular attention is paid to wiring.


A stainless steel electric hob is very popular. An important advantage is ease of care. There is also a slight minus: it is necessary to use special cleaners and detergents, fingerprints may remain.

Enamelled models are affordable. Among their advantages is a wide selection of enamel colors. There are also drawbacks: dirt is more difficult to wash off; when removed, it is easy to scratch the surface.

Glass ceramic is the best option for the hob. The surface is flat, the heating elements warm up the dishes qualitatively and evenly. Disadvantages: you need to carefully care for, carefully monitor the quality of the dishes (the bottom should be absolutely flat), when boiling, the liquid often spreads throughout the panel.

Heating elements are usually divided into the following varieties:

Cast iron burners. They are disks with electric spirals located inside them. Gradually cast iron burners are a thing of the past. As a rule, they are installed on steel or enameled panels. The main advantage is the relatively low price.

Rapid. The heating element is a spiral. These burners quickly heat up and cool down.

Hi-light. Tape heating element most commonly used in electrical panels.

Induction. The surface of the panel remains cold when the bottom of the dishes is heated. An electric hob with an induction burner is economical and, if necessary, allows to increase the heated zone. For devices of this type, special utensils are used.

Halogen. They are powerful halogen lamps located under a glass-ceramic surface. Burners of this type heat up almost instantly, making it very convenient to fry food on them. Heating stops immediately after turning off the burner.

Panels with combined burners are also available, such as Hi-Light + halogen. Rapid, halogen, Hi-Light and induction hobs are used only in models with glass-ceramic coating. Devices are usually illuminated with halogen lamps, which helps to avoid burns during cooking.


Operation of the hob becomes more convenient due to additional functions:

  • protection against overheating: in case of excessive heating, the automation is activated and the power supply is turned off;
  • overfill protection;
  • timer: it can be either general or separate for each burner;
  • control lock: used to protect against children;
  • defrosting and heating;
  • residual heat indicator;
  • determination of the availability of dishes;
  • color information displays for monitoring each heating zone;
  • various sensors: boiling, frying, etc.

When choosing an electronically controlled device, you need to consider the number of power levels, which allows you to select the temperature as accurately as possible. Automatic burners themselves regulate the heating power and turn off in time. Electronics determines the weight and size of the dishes, connects additional heating or cuts off the electricity supply if an empty container is supplied. Models with a memory function are indispensable if the same dish is often cooked.


The most common built-in kitchen appliances are Bosch and Siemens models. The products of these companies have been known in the domestic market for a long time, customers trust it. Siemens hobs can be equipped with infrared sensors and temperature control systems. This technique is affordable. For example, the Siemens ET 631BK17 E model has 3 rings, an expansion zone is also provided. The panel is equipped with a residual heat indicator, separate displays for burners, a timer and an automatic child lock. This hob is exceptionally convenient and relatively inexpensive. You can buy it for 13 430 rubles.

Bosch is a brand legend. Electric hobs are equipped with superfast heating hobs and temperature control systems, protected from scratches. The relatively inexpensive Bosch PKF619C17E model, which costs 14,120 rubles, has an original design, has 9 power levels.

Of the expensive models, Bosch PIN675N27E attracts attention. This is an induction hob with 4 heating zones, 2 of them can be combined. Touch control, 17 power levels, electronic control system. There is a frying sensor, Cleaning pause (during which you can wipe the panel if liquid has spilled on it) for up to 20 seconds. Ultrafast heating PowerBoost. There are child locks, timers for each burner, digital heating indicators and many other additional features that minimize cooking efforts. The cost of the model is 30 930 rubles.

The final choice is always up to the buyer. An online store of household appliances Trading Network 220 offers cooking surfaces from Bosch, De Dietrich, Kuppersbusch, Miele, Neff, Gaggenau, Korting, Siemens, Smeg with various functions and additional features. The catalog contains the best global brands. The assortment allows you to choose a model of the desired dimensions, a suitable shade and design.


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