Extraction (2020)


I will not waste time on unnecessary things – “Extraction” (the Russian localization of the name again breaks through shame) is the best action movie of the new school, released since the days of “Reid 1-2” and “John Wick”. About who shot, how and why – I will tell in a separate material.

Watching “Extraction” is a must. Do you like action movies? Watch. Lovers of brutal kneading, where people are shot in the face from the Kalash? Watch. Lovers look at fighting stabbing? Watch. Do you like single-double fights, chases and shootouts? Watch. Love the good old fighters about the brave hero mowing crowds of enemies in bloody mess? Watch. Love Reid and John Wick? Watch. Love Chris Hemsworth? Watch. That’s all. Piss already.

Movie Director – Sam Hargrave

In fact, “Extraction” uses the good old scheme of “getting from point A to point B, blowing up and killing everyone in a row along the way”. This is a bloody run with explosions, which misses the inner child of every grown-up movie fan. At the same time, there are no unnecessary intrigues, romantic lines or pathos speeches. The movie was shot in order to entertain and show a STYLISH DIGITAL ACTION, which has almost no direct analogues.

For drama and soulful dialogues, please come to the “drama” section, here people’s faces are raked, and then they joke about the name of the protagonist on the same topic. When you go to watch a film in which all the emphasis is on a unique and jewelry action – the requirement of a twisted plot and dialogs smacks of intentional self-harmony a little. It’s like in that comic meme when a dude on a bicycle puts a stick in the wheel, falls, holds on to his knee and blames politicians for it. Do not do this, leave the inner bore on the street, let your inner child have some fun.

By the way, even with all the discounts and a simple story, empathy and not the most classic for the action movie plot twists can be seen. The theme of severe peasants and their love for sons is very well interwoven. Maybe the dramatic flashbacks of the Hamsworth hero are some stock videos and cliches written by a neural network … but it works, damn it. Personally, it’s easy to buy me – just add a sad ambient, wet eyes on a brutal pokotsanny face and let the melancholy piano in the background. All. My empathy is working.

To add here, in contrast, an equivalent rival who calls home and says goodbye to his wife and son before a deadly mission – and in general the film immediately gains some kind of, but soul. The plot about the local pabloescobar, of course, is sewn with white thread for the sake of motivating events, but it does not annoy at all, and in some places even carries away because of the local flavor. The most important thing is that they do not spare the heroes, they blame everyone in a row, with bloodsucking and gaping wounds in the forehead. The wounds look like real, broken noses and stab wounds do not heal at all. Such little things are extremely important even in entertaining action films – working for empathy.

Total “Extraction” is a completely unexpected brat for anyone who is dragging around with new trends in the action genre. It is very brutal, it is diverse. The third act loses a little to the first half due to the monotony of the action, but at the same time it does not reduce the bar of quality, the number of headshots and spectacular fatality. If you are a true fan of the genre – a simple story (fucking complicated here – no one will answer) will not confuse you. Again – you need to look for the shootings, killings, headshots, knife fights, chases, fights, reloads, rakes in the face, slap on the lips and for the sake of brutality Hamsworth. This whole thing there in bulk.


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